Act on Dyslexia

Assessment, Teaching, Training and Consultancy Services for Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties.

Act On Dyslexia provides Assessments, Teaching, Training and Consultancy Services in the South Birmingham and Solihull area.  We are able to offer support to Schools, Educators and Employers through the provision of resources and training.

We offer support to Adults and Children who have literacy and numeracy difficulties, dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s). The team Is led by Bernadette Finnegan, a qualified specialist teacher and assessor.

We believe by fully understanding the complexities of Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and other specific learning differences we can ‘open the door to achievement’ and success. 
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Dyslexia assessment and tutoring
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About Us

Act on Dyslexia was founded by Bernadette Finnegan, an independent education consultant and certified assessor and teacher.  She is a secondary trained teacher with appropriate qualifications to teach and assess children and adults with dyslexia and related learning differences.    Her former role was Principal for Dyslexia Action where she gained a wealth of experience  teaching and supporting children and adults. 

We offer a bespoke range of training and consultancy services within the education sector.  We hold a proven track record of delivering appropriate and effective training and tutoring with our team of highly experienced teachers

We have a wealth of experience in supporting individuals who may need extra support for external exams or for coursework requirements

All learning is tailored to suit individual requirements

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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a ‘specific learning difficulty’.  The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) say SpLD/dyslexia is ‘specific’ because it is one of a range of difficulties relating to the way information is learnt and processed.

Sometimes maths is affected too.  Dyslexia can manifest itself in different ways and its effects can range from mild to severe.

If there are concerns you, your partner or your child may be exhibiting dyslexic-type difficulties, please contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss all the options available to you.

Our Services

Dyslexia and Literacy Tuition

The principles of specialist teaching form the basis for teaching literacy to dyslexic learners.  All our teaching is highly structured, cumulative, multi-sensory and thorough. 
Our specialist teachers have a thorough and fundamental knowledge of the structure of the English language and it’s orthographic system.

Specialist Maths Tuition Service

All our lessons are taught using a structured, multi-sensory approach using a range of manipulatives and resources which encourage and support visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning. Lessons which incorporate all three learning styles have been known to be the most effective way to learn, not only motivating pupils but also giving them the confidence to succeed in mathematics. 

Student Study Skills Development

At Act on Dyslexia we recognise the importance of supporting all students in all stages of their education.
Specialist study skills support can prove invaluable for students, not only those with specific learning difficulties but those who need structure, organisation and support in developing planning techniques.

Dyslexia assessment and tutoring

Educational Assessments

An effective assessment is a useful tool which can empower individuals on their educational journey. It will offer a diagnosis with practical advice to understanding some of the barriers that may hinder progress. We believe that an assessment can ‘open the door to achievement,’ success and self-belief.

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CPD Training and Consultancy Services

Act On Dyslexia offers a bespoke range of training and consultancy services within the education sector .  Our tutors hold a proven track record of delivering appropriate and effective training in Schools, Colleges, and Universities. We also provide support to all employers regarding ways you can help your employees with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

More About CPD Training

Dyslexia assessment and tutoring